Cancer Linked To Poor Diet, More Proof

From WTKR:

Your diet plays an important role in the prevention of cancer. Recent studies show poor diets greatly increase your chances of developing the disease.

News 3 medical expert Dr. Ryan Light of TPMG at Greenbrier Family Medicine is breaking down what you need to know.

What cancers are linked to poor diet?

Colorectal cancer is most effected by poor diet with an increased risk of 38.3 percent. Oral and throat cancer follow at 25.9 percent. Poor diet also increases the risk for uterine, breast, kidney, stomach and liver cancers.

How much does poor diet increase our risk?

In the most recent study, poor diet was estimated to increase the rate of cancers by approximately 5.2 percent. When comparing poor diet to other preventable causes, the percentages are close. Alcohol consumption causes a 4 to 6 percent increase. Obesity has shown a 7 to 8 percent increase and poor exercise is associated with a 2 to 3 percent increase risk.

What foods should be avoided?

High consumption of red meat is associated with increased incident of colorectal cancer. Highly processed meats increase the rates of colorectal and stomach cancer. Excessive consumption of sugary beverages is associated with 13 types of obesity-linked cancers.

What foods should be included in a healthy diet?

Attempt to eat a well balanced diet including whole grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins such as poultry and fish, nuts and berries, and beans.

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