The Mission & Vision of Pink Door

Pink Door Nonprofit Organization (Pink Door) is a transparent and accountable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women cancer patients become cancer survivors.

We exist to support women in Houston, Texas and its surrounding counties as they battle cancer -- any cancer. Through our events and the contributions of our generous donors, Pink Door's financial assistance provides a sense of peace to our survivors so they can open a new door to a new life. We empower these women to lead a renewed journey of independence and fulfillment.


No gift is too small.

Every dollar donated has value and the majority of contributions go directly to our survivors.

2021 Board of Directors

Marshall Sweed
BASF, Retired

Candace Mokwa


Jennifer Trenta
Orgometry: Purpose-Built Marketing

Director, Communication
Freddy Cruz
104 KRBE

Director, Technology
Thomas Trenta

Director, Fundraising
Cortney Cole-Hall
Martha Turner | Sotheby's

Director-At-Large, Fundraising
Aelicia Bayliss
Vanguard Environments

Director-At-Large, Fundraising
Nikki Howard

Director, Gayl's Legacy Fund
Therese Flaherty

Director, Events

You Can Open A Door

Pink Door strives to help as many women as possible, however we cannot follow our mission without your help. We are a 100% volunteer organization that relies completely on individual and corporate gifts and donations. There are multiple ways you can contribute to Houston area women.

Pink Volunteers are changing women's lives through gifts of time and energy. Serve on the Board of Directors, a Committee, or at one of our events.

Pink Door operates on the generous contributions from individuals and corporations to open doors for Houston women.

Go to and search for Pink Door Nonprofit Organization. Pink Door receives 0.5% of each purchase you make on