"Kick Cancer Out the Door" Fundraising Challenge

We're getting everyone involved one home at a time. The "Kick Cancer Out the Door" challenge is designed to celebrate the mission of Pink Door and grow awareness in neighborhoods throughout the Houston area by our friends, old and new.

Here's how:

Kick Cancer Out the Door Pink Door Fundraising Challenge

Receive a Challenge

When someone challenges you to "Kick Cancer Out the Door", make a donation of any amount to Pink Door and display the challenge sign in your yard or business for a week.


Want to participate in a "Kick Cancer Out the Door" challenge chain? Just let us know!

Share Your Support

Post on social media how you're supporting local women through Pink Door and follow us to see what others are doing. Don't forget to leave your mark on the back of our "Kick Cancer Out the Door" challenge sign with an autograph, tag, etc.

Kick Cancer Out the Door Challenge I Love Pink Door
Share the Challenge: Kick Cancer Out the Door with Pink Door

Challenge Others

Contact a friend, family member, or colleague to pass the "Kick Cancer Out the Door" challenge (and sign) to them. We'll keep the challenge going for as long as possible and share the results at regular intervals on our website and social media.

Friend by friend, neighbor by neighbor, dollar by dollar... every effort made helps to make the battle with cancer a little easier to fight for another local woman. So let's go!

Kick Cancer Out the Door!