Not even cancer and coronavirus could stop this couple from getting married

From the Freelance Star:

When cancer interrupted the wedding plans of Sylvia Williams and James Hailstork Jr., both agreed he’d get through the treatments, then they’d get married.

Just as he finished radiation for prostate cancer, COVID-19 came along, and everybody went into shutdown. The older couple—he’s 63 and she’s 69—postponed their plans again.

Then, in late May, both Stafford County residents, who were living in their separate homes but spending a lot of time together, started feeling flu-like aches along with sweats and chills. Neither had a fever, but both lost their sense of taste and smell to the point they had no appetite whatsoever.

Both tested positive for the novel coronavirus—and tabled their wedding plans once more.

When each got retested last month and were virus-free, they decided they’d better tie the knot before something else happened.

“God has spared us through all of this, and we decided it was the right time to get married,” she said. “We want to spend what days we have left being happy.”

Story source: the Freelance Star.

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