Houston doctors team up for song about staying home during COVID-19 pandemic

From KHOU/Channel 11:

As the number of cases continues to grow and hospital beds fill up, they, like doctors in Italy and other countries, may face the gut-wrenching decisions of which critical patients get the ventilators. That’s why they’re pleading with the public now to stay home to help stop the spread. Dr. Phuong Nguyen with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital came up with a unique way to get that message across: He wrote a song, formed a band and recruited other Memorial Hermann and UT Health doctors to sing it on Zoom. “Stayed up late, stayed up all night. Fighting hard, fighting this fight,” the song goes. “Don’t you know we’re running out of time.” Nguyen, a pediatric plastic surgeon, is the lead singer for the makeshift band. The song is called “Stay at Home, Help a Doctor.” Story source: KHOU/Channel 11.

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