Cancer found in dinosaur

From Science: This deformed bone is the first clear example of a malignant tumor diagnosed in a dinosaur. The partial fibula—a bone from the lower leg—belonged to a horned, plant-eating Centrosaurus that lived roughly 76 million years ago in what is now Dinosaur Park in southern Alberta in Canada. Paleontologists initially thought the bone’s strange … Read more

Coffee can prevent cancer

Just another reason to love the magical elixir we know as COFFEE! via GIPHY From Inc. Magazine: While a previous meta-analysis of 127 studies showed coffee reduces cancer risk by 20 percent, it wasn’t entirely clear from those original studies what types of cancer were affected. The American Cancer Society (ACS) has now weighed in … Read more

Kick Cancer Out the Door Challenge

Kick Cancer Out the Door Pink Door Fundraising Challenge

2020 Fundraising: We may not be able to get together in person right now but we can always get together on the idea of helping local women in their fight against cancer. Let’s kick cancer out the door!

She survived a Nazi assassination attempt, cancer, a plane crash, and now, coronavirus

From Fox News: A German Jewish World War II veteran who survived a Nazi assassination attempt, plane crash and breast cancer can now add another accomplishment: defeating coronavirus months before she turns 100. Joy Andrew, 99, who is described as “indestructible,” contracted COVID-19 in May at the Minster Grange care home in York, England. Story source: Fox News. … Read more

Surgical iKnife used to target cancer tissue

From Medical Xpress: Cancers are often heavily reliant on breaking down fats for their growth and spread, and could be treated by a highly innovative combination of new drugs and dietary changes, a major new study concludes. The landmark research used a surgical ‘iKnife’ to analyze vaporized cancer tissue—and identified a metabolic weakness in cancer … Read more

Exploding microbubbles that tear cancer cells like ‘targeted warheads’

From New Atlas: Lately we’ve seen an exciting string of research projects demonstrate how ultrasound can be harnessed to fight cancer, whether that be by helping drugs cross the blood-brain barrier, heating and destroying tissue in prostate cancers, or selectively killing tumor cells while leaving healthy ones unharmed. Adding to this burgeoning potential is a … Read more